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More painting…

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I wish I could do this as much as I tattooed…! All of these are available for tattooing, please get in touch if you like what you see…

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Couple of paintings, some tattoos and enjoying summer

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Here’s two paintings I did for the shop’s open house this year of an American Indian girl and a Rose of No Man’s land…

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Along with a few tattoos…photo(9)


And an awesome stomach piece of Pan and the goat that was great to do…!


Here’s to many more summer days!



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I completed a set of flash recently. All 6 sheets are available for £50 including p&p, the indian kewpie with lucky swastika and black cat are £5 including p&p.

Email to get prints sent out.

I also tried something a bit different with the miniature paintings of the bugs. They’re both roughly 10cm across, all painted with brush; no pens for lining. These are available upon request as the two here were both presents, email me if you’re  interested in commissioning an original.

IMG_5577 IMG_5214 IMG_5339 IMG_5338 IMG_5566 IMG_5567


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I’ve just finished the first 4 of a 6 sheet flash set. Here’s a couple of previews… Full set will follow once completed.

Back on the brushes…

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I’ve been doing a bit of painting again… Here are two flash sheets I’ve finished recently. A selection of my favourite things! Tattooing the Indian Devil this Friday… Really looking forward to it!

Sweet Jesus…

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WWJD? He would buy one of these prints off me at the Brighton Tattoo Convention, on the 28th/29th January. Follow in his hyperthetical footsteps and do the same.

For any last minute appointments at the Brighton show, email

Indian girl

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I would love to tattoo this.  She’s hot.  Don’t be shy…