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Some favourites since joining Into You…

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A little more…

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Robin’s full of South Coast hate

Adam’s homage to the Refused

Bottom of Jon’s full sleeve of Jokers. Healed photos of whole arm to come.

Tiger filler

Matt’s old boy skull

Danielle’s micro tattoo filled rose, round 1.

More recent work

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Mike’s Chola

Andy’s Mariachi accordion player. There is a cover up under the accordion.

Dan’s homage to his sister who passed.

Jordan’s Eagle. This is the start of a traditional sleeve, can’t wait to carry on with it.

Even Angels Have Demons

Everyone love a skull tattoo…

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…And if not, why not?!  I did these sugar skulls back in December, they sit either side of a forearm.

Party Shop

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I met Andy at the Brighton Tattoo Convention in January 2011, and he quickly has become my best customer.  Andy not only has great ideas, but I think we ended up making 9 tattoos in 10 months last year. Pretty good going.

Andy worked in the Party Shop in Clapham that got looted and destroyed during the London Riots last summer. Apparently fancy dress masks are pretty sought after if you’re on your way to smash and grab from JD Sports. This is an ode to the Party Shop.