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Some script…

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Always happy when I’m asked to do writing, really enjoyed the black work based design…

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Brighton Tattoo Convention 2013

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This years Brighton show was great. Thanks to everyone who got tattooed, I feel grateful for having been asked to tattoo such nice ideas on everyone. Here’s what I made over the weekend…

IMG_5634 IMG_5646 IMG_5648 IMG_5659 IMG_5666 IMG_5673 IMG_5689

More script

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A couple of favorites from recently, thanks especially to Danielle who was up for trying something different with her chest piece!

A little more…

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Robin’s full of South Coast hate

Adam’s homage to the Refused

Bottom of Jon’s full sleeve of Jokers. Healed photos of whole arm to come.

Tiger filler

Matt’s old boy skull

Danielle’s micro tattoo filled rose, round 1.

More recent work

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Mike’s Chola

Andy’s Mariachi accordion player. There is a cover up under the accordion.

Dan’s homage to his sister who passed.

Jordan’s Eagle. This is the start of a traditional sleeve, can’t wait to carry on with it.

Even Angels Have Demons

Reptile times

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I did two snake tattoos last week. The first was on my old pal Big James, taken pretty much straight from a Sailor Jerry flash sheet.

The second was on Marc, a long time customer. He asked for a snake, but why settle for a snake when you could have a snake fighting a frog?

Recent work

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Danny’s conjoined twins… A fun morning was had with this one:


Ruth’s thigh. Lines are healed, colour and shading fresh:

Mike’s ditch eagle:


Fi’s chest… As bruised as it looks, it healed up great!

Andy’s hinge: