Work in progress…

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Here’s a few progress shots of some bigger work I’ve got going on at the moment…

523525_10151314313116548_1299948979_n 971853_10151464833961548_132832456_n 8452_10151401669561548_440952601_n

July 2013 part 2

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Eagles a-plenty, along with some other favorites… Eagles are my favorite, so line ’em up!

Thanks to ALL my customers for asking for such great subjects…

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July 2013

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Here’s a few tattoos I’ve made from the last few months, including a woman and a horse getting down to it… Probably one of my personal favorites I’ve ever been lucky enough to be asked to do!

993069_10151457420441548_1316865143_n 942450_10151396284346548_1040065000_n 970271_10151464841871548_911182070_n 644680_10151349913271548_1206560016_n 562645_10151332526251548_805958605_n 943778_10151381131451548_1561309207_n 533263_10151332525576548_493017089_n 11710_10151341574516548_798033961_n 7197_10151407638696548_335161319_n 310105_10151381132766548_795921926_n

July 2013

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A few weeks back Sailor Jerry Rum contacted the shop to do some Sailor Jerry tattoo flash in honour of his 40th anniversary of death… These are a few of the tattoos from the day. It was first come first served, with limited spaces, and there was a queue outside the shop from 8am…

10574_10151419994631548_127295221_n 1006114_10151419992586548_247525359_n 1011158_10151419991551548_679560802_n

Black and grey roses

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Here’s a photo of a half sleeve of black and grey roses I’ve just completed; all but one rose and the stalks are healed.


Brighton Tattoo Convention 2013

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This years Brighton show was great. Thanks to everyone who got tattooed, I feel grateful for having been asked to tattoo such nice ideas on everyone. Here’s what I made over the weekend…

IMG_5634 IMG_5646 IMG_5648 IMG_5659 IMG_5666 IMG_5673 IMG_5689


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I completed a set of flash recently. All 6 sheets are available for £50 including p&p, the indian kewpie with lucky swastika and black cat are £5 including p&p.

Email to get prints sent out.

I also tried something a bit different with the miniature paintings of the bugs. They’re both roughly 10cm across, all painted with brush; no pens for lining. These are available upon request as the two here were both presents, email me if you’re  interested in commissioning an original.

IMG_5577 IMG_5214 IMG_5339 IMG_5338 IMG_5566 IMG_5567