July 2013 part 2

Eagles a-plenty, along with some other favorites… Eagles are my favorite, so line ’em up!

Thanks to ALL my customers for asking for such great subjects…

226752_10151401667001548_698938270_n 1222_10151401662481548_391215731_n 74995_10151491125871548_1210916353_n 1001073_10151491110321548_105981998_n 2998_10151332523816548_548652791_n 485532_10151397499346548_609656666_n 1003657_10151435076721548_577010411_n 969625_10151373506741548_1069957118_n 943569_10151367341666548_114335300_n 600843_10151406385851548_1323639277_n 480752_10151292169416548_84984973_n 536202_10151492430691548_362464521_n 536894_10151333224261548_237884237_n 317414_10151349938146548_626653045_n 61402_10151492420741548_1245994307_n417735_10151292164471548_2085860620_n

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